Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick update!!

I have 8 minutes of internet left so i gotta make it fast! I am having a great time!! It is very sad that about half the tour is leaving in a few day and we are getting different people. Its REALLY weird cuz seriously we are all like best friends/family is such a short amount of time.. The tour is probably 85/15 girls to guys...bu thats ok because the guys we DO have are awesome and there are ALWAYS local trying to make "friends" with us lol. I've seen alot of cool sights but the best part is definitly the "experience" of being in another country and the people I've met!!! I have taking alot of pics to it DID happen lol!

4 minutes left and I need to print stuff so i gtg but I love Ya'll (family) Talk to you soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Only 3 days left!

I have packed almost everything. there
are still a few things that I can't pack yet
because I'm still using/wearing them.
I spent $55 at Walmart yesterday to buy
a bunch of medications (Maalox, Dramamine,
Allergy meds, a multi-vitamin, Airborne,
etc.) just in case in need any of it. My
suitcase is right around the weight limit haha.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow, It is getting close!!

With only 8 days to go, I am really starting to get ready. I already have a lot of things packed and am continuing to packed as I buy stuff or get finished using things that I won't need until my trip. Today my mission is to go to Borders book store and find a good travel journal. I am not sure exactly how often I will be able to post on here while I am away, but it probably won't be enough to really describe my trip in accurate detail, so I want to get a nice travel journal to write in about my trip. When I get back I want to write a nice travel blog on here, because I know how much previous contiki traveler's travel blogs have entertained me and helped me to get ready.

As I have probably said in previous posts, I haven't ever really been away from home this long and especially not on my own. The part of my trip that I am most worried about is the actual traveling and the first night there. Luckily, I think that my dad has a flight the same day as mine and will be able to take me to the airport and actually walk with me through security all the way to my gate which is really nice cuz the Atlanta Airport is freakin' HUGE and is the busiest airport in the US!

I found this awesome map of the Tube System in London. I plan on printing this out and taking it with me so I don't get completely lost in London (course the is half the fun, right?) I am also trying to decide if I want to go ahead and book a ticket at one of the shows (I'm thinking Avenue Q) or if I want to wait and see what going on once I get there. I think I have said this on a post before but I STILL haven't book my flight on the London Eye (I need to do that sometime this week.)

Anyway, I am sure I will post a few more times before I leave and I will also try and post my Packing List before I go. BYE!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time to Update!!

Sweet! I just finished my finals at school and I am officially OUT FOR SUMMER!!! There are 16 days left until I depart for my trip to Europe and I am outrageously excited!! I'm have been "mentally packing" for about a month but now I am actually going to start getting together everything I need because I am sure it will take me 16 days to remember all that I need to bring. I really can not believe that in a little bit more than 2 weeks I will be in Europe ALONE!! Yikes! I am way more excited than nervous, however, I am sure I will get more and more nervous as it gets even closer! Anyway, I still need to get online and book a few things (London Eye, London Eye River Cruise, etc), so I should probably get on that... Anyways, Let the packing BEGIN!