Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick update!!

I have 8 minutes of internet left so i gotta make it fast! I am having a great time!! It is very sad that about half the tour is leaving in a few day and we are getting different people. Its REALLY weird cuz seriously we are all like best friends/family is such a short amount of time.. The tour is probably 85/15 girls to guys...bu thats ok because the guys we DO have are awesome and there are ALWAYS local trying to make "friends" with us lol. I've seen alot of cool sights but the best part is definitly the "experience" of being in another country and the people I've met!!! I have taking alot of pics to it DID happen lol!

4 minutes left and I need to print stuff so i gtg but I love Ya'll (family) Talk to you soon!!

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  1. wheres the rest of the travel info keep us updated