Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not much longer now!

Only 25 day left until My Great Britain and Southern Ireland tour! I am stoked!! I've been buying clothes/jewelery/other stuff for the trip like crazy, while still keeping the tight budget I put myself on in mind. I have finally started to relax a little bit about money. At this point, it looks like I will be pretty much set for the trip as far as money goes. I have already paid for the tour, the flight, the insurance, the pre-night and two post nights, and luggage (well actually I already had that.) I am thinking that by the time of the trip, I will have about 100 euros a day (so about 2500 euros) and 150 dollars in excursion vouchers, which I have heard is way more than enough. Plus, I will be bringing 2 other credit cards just for emergency money.

Still haven't figured out the phone situation...but my dad is supposed to be helping me with that. I don't know whether or not I had decided this when I last posted, but I am not bringing my laptop. I got all kind of cool new features on my itouch and a wall feature so its pretty much the same as a laptop, just 1/20th of the size. Which reminds me, I need to get more memory cards for my camera...

ANYWAY, It is finals week in school and my last final is on May 8th so after that, time will fly until the trip I'm sure. I was just thinking the other day how incredibly weird it will feel going on this trip alone... Flying from my home in Atlanta Georgia to New York by myself then catching another flight into London Heathrow then traveling to the hotel alone etc...weird. For the first night of my trip, I booked a single room at the Presidential Hotel (right across the street from the Imperial) so that I could have some time just to get settled before 17+ days of being around people/sharing a hotel room.

I've met about 6 people from my tour(the Great Britain AND southern Ireland), 2 from just the Great Britain portion and 4-5 from the Ireland portion from the online Meeting Place Forums. I wish I could meet more before we leave, maybe some more people will post. I have learned some new things already, for example, there are no squirrels in Australia and Australians get very excited to see them lol. Anyway, More posting to come as I get ready for My first Contiki Tour!!

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